Friday, October 23, 2015

Native women are the most invisible of all the Canadian women

For all the NIQAB and BURKA debates around election time, if people think that these are Canada's most oppressed women, you would be WRONG.

For starters the majority of those women who come to Canada who continue to wear face covering, generally chose to do this and are comfortable living this way. They are still a minority in comparison to Canada's women.

However if you talk about Native women, they are the most invisible, unimportant people in the face of Canada. In some provinces until recently they could be sterilized when they visited a hospital for health concerns WITHOUT EVEN BEING TOLD.Yep white hospital workers decide for them to remove their ability to have children.

When someone calls to report a native woman missing, usually the LEO's will generally hmmm and haw and say things like "But she probably just went to visit her mom in another rez" "But She went on a binge drinking and will come home" " But she probably just run away, you'll see she'll be back".

We all know that the first 48 hours after someone goes missing are the most crucial. Most of the time in case of missing aboriginals, the police never bother to check until it's been weeks, months.  They really don't care.
There are so many missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada and no one cares  but other indigenous people.

Nobody takes them seriously if they report issues with the police. Who you going to believe, an invisible woman or a police officer.   Hopefully they will have an inquiry about the native women in Quebec that are being sexually harassed by the QPP in the Val d'Or area.

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