Friday, October 30, 2015

Cleaning lady is slowly loosing her marbles

Though where they are going who knows. I have asked her repeatedly to not over feed the cats. She used to leave food for the entire week like I never feed them. Then I've asked her repeatedly not to feed the cats at all  but she still does. 8 hid the cat food in one of the closets, she told my SO she knew where I hid the food. WTF.

She told two smaller cats look starved.  Sure. Both of them weigh 10lb.  Toby, Desert lynx and 18 months is perfect at 10lb.  The vet never suggested he needed to eat more, the vet never even asked what I fed him. Vet thought he looked perfectly healthy.  Ziva weighs 10lb and for her size as female it's perfect.  Then my Maine Coon Jethro weigh in at 20lbs. That's perfect for him. The overweight one is Pixie at 17lbs. If I took.him to vet I'd get a lecture and yelled at. 

It's insulting that after having this woman clean my house for over 10.years that she seems to think that my cats would die of starvation if SHE didn't feed them.It didn't matter if I left 5 heaping bowls of food out just before she cones, she'd add 5 more..... 

Because my SO is sweet and listens to her babble now she's telling him which kitty litter I should use and how much more food they should get.  It really pisses me off since she wasn't HIRED to take care of my cats but to fucking clean my house. 

It also annoys me that at 50+ years old I have an old bitty who has decided that she needed to tell me how to run my life. One day she will piss me off and I will just show her the door. I mean WTF. 

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