Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A woman after my own heart!

My first encounter with any kind of computer was at Trafalgar in 1979 and it was a PDP-7 located in Quebec city, that we connected to using a teletype.  Basically a typewriter with paper.

It was a love-hate relationship from the get go. I'd type a command, and it would either understand or tell me some generic line like "Bad command or file name", and I'd reply "FUCK YOU" to which it would reply again "Bad command or file name".

What's sad is that girls like me were given access to computers fairly early on, but it's still a field completely dominated by men. ANd then you read Margaret Hamilton's story.

She would have inspired me if I'd read her at a young age. I still think she could inspire my grand daughters if I have any!!!

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