Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sad day Today

It's sad that today is the last day Canada Computers in the West island is opened.

We were all stunned at work that they closed this location down. I liked it, that I could go at lunch or afterwork to get stuff I need.  I much rather go to Canada computers instead of Microbytes. The staff was knowledgeable and the service was good. Prices were competitive, and best of all if they didn't have in stock or only online, I could ask it to go to the store and get a free pick up. So order online and get free shipping to the location.

I'm told there's a laval location, but it's much father away. It's on St Martin near Le Corbusier, past the 15, so further then Carrefour Laval. Will be  a pain in the pass to go there to get small things. Before we'd go get lunch at Tau's and stop in at Canada Computers.

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