Friday, September 04, 2015

Media flooded with 2 year old's lifeless body on a turkish beach.

I re-shared it on Facebook and it upset a friend who's very young son committed suicide in January. I didn't mean to upset her or anyone else on my friends list. I was just appalled by how most of the world just doesn't care.

Many don't want "immigrants" in their countries or cities or neighborhoods. I was thinking about this little boy, who's mom had lovingly dressed him for the crossing in dangerous waters because they hoped for a better life. A life that did not include barrel bombs, ISIS and other atrocities. All these people wanted was for their children to grow up and not see war.

As the mom of two children I've been thinking since my friend lost her child to suicide, how as a mom you get over the loss of a child. To lose 2 children in such horrific conditions. I feel for the children's father.

Kurdi family in a happier time

Many prayers for this poor man, who lost both boys and his wife, the boys mother, in a crossing between Turkey and Greece.  

I won't reshare the photo of Alan's lifeless body on the beach.  I am sharing this photo of him smiling while holding his dad's hand.  I'm sharing this photo, for all the children that Assad and other heads of state have left die.....

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