Sunday, August 23, 2015

Last day of camping

We fell asleep early on the Saturday night. Before it was even dark. Heck we didn't even hear the 2 year old fussing 2 campsites over. We woke up between 3-4am because it had gone down to 14 outside and with the fog and dampness it felt like 10. It was freezing. We warmed up, went to the lake, to see the fog over it. Was spectacular. My companion was also worried teh fog wouldn't clear and we'd be stuck there. I wasn't worried. I knew the fog would clear once the sun came up.

We fell back asleep and woke up startled at 10:30. We were supposed to clear the site by 11am.  It wasn't cleared by 11am, however by 1:30 PM, we had managed to take down the campsite, put everything in the canoe, luck out because the wind was with us and the lake was mostly calm. Canoe across the widest part of Grand Lac Touladis, then take all the stuff out of teh canoe, bring it to the truck, tetris the truck and then put the canoe on the truck.   In a mere 3 hours we did all of that. I was impressed. My friend and I make a good team. Considering it was only the 2nd time we've been camping together and we aren't used to working together we do good.

We left the park it was around 2ish, after making a pit stop at Petit Lac Touladis.  We got home in Pierrefonds by around 9:15, and by 11 we'd taken a bath and emptied the truck.

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