Wednesday, August 05, 2015

How about that

I saw this image earlier today and had to share. It's who lose control ... women don't.[Or very very rarely. I've never witnessed it!]  I've never felt the need to touch or grope a woman I found attractive... ever.

Yet I when I was 11-12-13 years old I remember HATING going to school because I could not walk in hallways without random boys just groping. If it wasn't my tiny boobs. .. it was crotch grabs. 

I don't ever recall having a woman feel me up randomly without asking. This rape culture that puts all the blame on the victim has got to stop.  When a woman looks like she's being manhandled or victimized we should all fucking speak up. It's 2015 people and most of us do not live under ISIL rule!

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  1. I have been groped by women in the past albeit much less frequently than by men....

    The last woman was by far one of the worst however, she had NO damn boundaries o.0 also NO one stepped up to help...

    A few weeks I was being felt up by a guy at a con, people also didn't speak up

    both incidents were in plain view of the public.... I unfortunatly freeze and can't move/speak -.-


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