Monday, August 17, 2015

First successful camping trip of 2015

Left for Lac Temiscouata around 1pm, though we should have left earlier. I wanted to wake up at 6,  but my sweetie was sleeping so well we got up around 8am. Took me a while to get everything packed in the truck.

Driving down to Riviere du Loup and even Temiscouata-sur-le-Lac went well. We did a pit stop for gas in Drummondville, because it's always cheaper in Drummondville. We also stopped at La Pocatiere to stretch out our legs at the lookout on the st Lawrence. It's always really pretty.

This time we found the grocery store in Cabano, it's at the far end at the end of the main street, hidden in a tiny mall.  Their metro is well stocked and we bought groceries before heading to Parc National du Lac Temiscouata.

We got there around 6:30pm and we registered at the main gate.  I figured we'd take a canoe camping site on Grand Lac Touladis, and we could cross from the little beach across the lake. She tells me that entire section is closed because they are building a campsite on Grand Lac Touladis.  She tells me I can canoe from the Islands parking lot. I tell her there isn't quite enough daylight for it. In the end she agrees and tells me I can park in the lot of the Jardin des memoires.  This has a 200km portage to bring the canoe to the lake, and we ended up crossing the lake at the widest possible part, which I evaluated to be 2 1/2 km.

We packed our canoe as quickly as possible as daylight was fading, and I knew past 8pm we would not be able to see nothing on the lake. Thankfully having had been there before I knew there was on little cottage on Grand Lac Touladis maybe 500m away from the campsites. 

When we got onto Grand Lac Touladis, I asked my partner if he could see a cottage across teh lake. He said yes. Told him to keep his eyes on it, because that;s where we needed to go. Night was falling fast and by the time we paddled across the lake, we could barely see the shore. I had my headlamp and after some paddling along the shore we found the canoe camping sites.  It was just a bit past 8:30.

We chose the same site I'd chosen with my daughter 2 years ago, because it is the one that is most private and that night there was no one there. It was so peaceful.

Finally for the first time this year I was camping, in the middle of nowhere and I could feel no one else but my companion and this was good. We stayed up the entire night just enjoying the quiet......

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