Monday, July 06, 2015

Severe lack of Women in some professions!

When I went to Concordia in Computer Science back in the 1980's I was in the 5-10% of women in that program.

The sad thing is, things really haven't changed much. Some engineering programs may have from 15-20% women, but that's the most they might have.  There are now more women in computer science especially in black box programming... maybe 40%

And then I read an article that there was a BOYS ONLY robotics program offerered in an Ontario public library. I get that many girls might not be interested but to make it boys only?????  I was so unimpressed.

Well thankfully one little girl and her mom started a petition and now girls can join. BUT WTF? I would have fought to make that program gender free no matter what!!!!

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