Friday, July 17, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Ace II - and it's very DANGEROUS battery

Last Saturday I ordered a battery on Amazon for my friend. The battery for his Samsung Galaxy Ace II had been progressively inflating, to the point where his phone case was popping out.

When he first mentioned it, I strongly urged him to not put the phone in his pocket anymore, and to keep it in a fireproof area if he leaves it charging over night. I was afraid the battery would explode and catch on fire. If you Google search you will find house fires caused by the battery of this particular phone.

Of course places like Future Shop, Best Buy, The Source, and even possibly Staples, tell you they carry cell phone batteries. So do cell phone carriers. But usually they carry the batteries of recent models that they are currently selling. Rarely do they carry batteries for phones that are over a year old. If you go to 3-4 places and they keep telling you that they don't carry your battery, eventually you will cave in to the prospect of a new phone... which is what they kept offering him.    Battery arrived by mail Thursday night. Thankfully his phone survived the old battery, which is now put to pasture.

He's very happy with his new battery that cost all of  $15 including shipping, handling and taxes! A new phone would have been in the $200 range.

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