Thursday, July 16, 2015

Louise, Gluten Free!

I've been to LOuise Sans Gluten [Or Louise Gluten free] twice now, two Tuesdays in a row. It's a small shop, bakery & restaurant that caters to gluten free people and diet. It's in Dorval on Dumont street. JUst a bit before the Dorval Circle.

I've bought so far, 1 loaf of their multigrain gluten free bread, and 1 package of gluten free buns. Their bread tastes decently and they don't use refined sugar, they use Honey.

I also found gluten free RAMEN. I can't remember the last time I had ramen soup. This is rice noodles with a Miso soup type mix. Can't wait to try it either camping or at a friends place when I need to bring quick food with me.

They also carry that delicious coconut/chocolate bar too!

I can't wait to try their baguettes. Apparently they make them Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Something tells me we will be going Friday!!!

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