Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I hate mornings.

Mornings can be EPICALLY difficult. Moreso when you aren't at home!

It's the 2nd time I sleep at my friends house and go to work straight from there. It's not too bad if I leave at 9am I am at work for 9:30, and there is not much traffic. Of course this is mid summer. I bet in winter will have to leave either far earlier or maybe even as late as 9:30.

I was really spacey while packing last night, and while I brought for my breakfast berries, nuts and cereal, I'd forgotten to bring the soy milk. No problem I thought, I have some at work. Left the nuts and berries at my friends place!

Other then that when I got dressed after bathing this morning, I realized I had not had the forethought of packing underwear. Thankfully I always have a spare underwear in my purse. Came in real handy this morning!

I mean change anything in my routine and chances are everything will screw up. Thankfully the cafeteria at work has delicious breakfast potatoes.

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