Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Feel less naked now

I went to Fido booth at Galerie des Sources to ask about my phone and I was told it was discontinued.  So I did a search on Kijiji for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Fido, and there was one ad that showed up Sunday, but it seemed the person was in Gatineau. As it turned out it was more of an error. I guess she put her street as Masson and it assumed Gatineau.  This is probably how I got lucky getting this phone. People assumed she was in Gatineau. Anyways, she sold me her functional phone for $140.  So now I have a phone again and feel so much better.

My friend met me at work with her 2 doggies to drive me to Rosemont to pick up the phone, near Masson and 1st avenue. Reminded me that my mom grew up in Rosemont and we used to visit my grandma's two sisters on 2nd avenue near Masson.

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