Monday, July 13, 2015

Creepy doesn't begin to describe how I feel. YUCK!

Today I have been talking with the ex-wife of one of my exes. This is the ex that I refer to as LOSER-EX. Because he was just so nasty of a human being. One thing I am sure of now is that he was NO EMPATH and instead he was one hell of a narcissist. A crazy one.

By the time I'd left him for a year I started seeing how much of an emotional manipulator, lyer, cheater and abuser he really was. But it took time. Took easily years after I left to realize the effect this man had.

Other then manipulating my kids so that they wouldn't tell me when he screwed up. He'd bribe them with candies and other things. He'd stolen all my children's money from their piggy banks. He stole my eldest artistic masterpieces and kept them for himself so my daughter would feel unloved. The list goes on.

While talking to his ex wife [Poor thing had several kids with this idiot], I found out he'd been sleeping with his nasty, incontinent mother since he was 12.  He used to bitch about his mother, how nasty she was and the like. She stank to high heaven because she leaked pee. Everything she owned stank of piss. I didn't even want her to sit on my furniture it was so nasty.

I often did wonder why  he spent so much time with her, after claiming all this negative stuff. But then some people bitch about their mom, so I didn't analyze it. Now I'm not sure how I feel. Other then really really really really really grossed out. I feel I need a shower from now till Labour day.

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