Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015 is not a year for camping or canoeing it seems?

Well this past week-end I did not canoe or camp.  My friend and I were supposed to go camping & canoeing 3 days, but then things changed.  Not a bad thing, I didn't even have much energy at all. Spent most of the week-end vegging in bed listening to music.

We did go picnic with our Lafleurs at the Pierrefonds Marina. We saw a mom woodpecker and it's yearling hanging out different trees.  We did see a pair of ducks as well. 

The one thing that I was happy to see was a couple with a toddler, put a canoe into the water there, and canoe off and it seemed to canoe ok. So this is another place to take the canoe for a quick ride.

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