Friday, June 12, 2015

I really love Monsieur Falafel!

I love the Monsieur Falafel on St Jean blvd in DDO. I was introduced to Mr Falafel  back in the 1990's by a friend. At the time it was the one on Mont Royal.  I had Falafel for the first time and was hooked.

I was thrilled when I moved to Pierrefonds 15 years ago, that  there is a Mr Falafel, walking distance. Though I rarely walk it, I can, if I am stuck so love it.

I don't go as frequently as I used to, but I've gone enough that the regular staff and owners know me.  We went there today to pick up lunch and the two employees were two I've been seeing for 15 years.   SO much so that the older gentleman said it was nice to see me and asked how I was. He even asked if my co-worker was with me, and when I said, yes we came together, gave her a nice discount on her lunch, as he did for me.

The item I always get from them is what they call the "vegetarian sandwich". What you find in it is a little omelette with veggies, grilled cauliflower, grilled eggplant, a few batata harra {Lebanese spicy potatoes}, and then all the cold seasonings, like tomatoes, lettuce, red pickled turnips, onions and I always ask for hot peppers.

No other Lebanese fast food generally offers veggie sandwiches other then falafel. The veggie sandwich at Mr Falafel is good, really good.  I will chose a Mr Falafel fast food, over Basha's and Amir's any day.

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