Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Saudi Arabia's most powerful women & powerful women in Islam!

I often make fun of KSA because of their backwards attitude towards women. However it does not mean that in KSA there are no powerful women that young women world wide can look up to.

Here is article showing Saudi Arabia's most powerful women.

Those ignorant about Islam often think it's the religion that keeps women subjugated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women are supposed to be equals in Islam but this gets lost in the post colonialism mentally prevalent in the Middle east,  as well as some parts of  Africa today.

A great article about Mohammed's wife Khadijah that I read a few days ago shows how Mohammed in his life time not only married a woman 15 years his elder because he loved her but obviously treated her with a great deal of respect. A month ago there was an article about her on Huff Post about 7 remarkable things about Khadijah. For those who want to bring up his youngest wife, "Aisha", I'd like to point them to this article.

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