Sunday, May 03, 2015

My baby is coming home !!!!

Today I pick up my youngest at the airport, she's coming home after 2 years in the UK WOOT

I've been very quiet the month of April, really didn't have much to say, been digesting events and trying to get myself together.I've at least managed to stay out of my comfort zone to not make my social anxiety worse. It's still bad thinking about work and paperwork, but the anxiety isn't 24/7 and burning me to a crisp most days anymore.  I'm slowly getting back to my insomniac self.

It was sad, I'd do 1 small thing that set off my anxiety and then I'd crash and have to take a huge nap otherwise I couldn't function.  On a good day social anxiety does suck up a percentage of my energy. Since March it's sucking up most of my energy and nothing is left for anything else.

This week thankfully the sun came out and I have both done some work in the garden and have gone walking along the Lachine canal and Friday spent some time at the bird Sanctuary near the Lachine Rapids.  Spending time soaking in sun rays and sitting on the earth has been good to recharge my batteries.

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