Friday, March 06, 2015

What a day!

Yesterday gave me a scare.  I went for walk in bois de liesse on lieu of lunch though i went around 3. It was beautiful. It's been so cold past 2 months Ive missed walking outside.


Later around 4:30 when I was getting my purse looked into by security before leaving work I noticed my wallet was missing.  I ran back to my desk and did not find it.

Then I ran to my Suzuki to search it... no wallet. So I start to drive home. On Kingsley on DDO, there are 2 stops in front of thr school, and while I do stop sometimes the police see it differently.  So I stop and go and notice the police car after going and I think..."fuck! He's going to nail me", and thinking without any papers, as they are all in my wallet. 


But no thankfully he did not follow me and I made it home unscathed. Run into house to look for wallet on the dining room table where my purse was in the morning. Still no wallet. By then Im freaking out.  I go back into the garage to look more in the truck from diffferent angles, still no wallet, and as I am going around my truck, see my wallet all soggy from having been in a puddle.

So grateful to have found it. Moreso the wallet itself is a gift from my friend in abu dhabi and I would have been so upset to have lost it, never mind the drivers license,  medicare card, credit cards and all sorts of misellaneous store cards.

Hopefully today is less eventful.

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