Thursday, March 12, 2015

STOP! You! Yes you with the big ass SUV

I take Kingsley most days to get to Sunnybrooke.  I've noticed the past 2 or 3 weeks that a police van hides on Sonata and nails people for speeding in a school zone and for not stopping at the various stop signs. From the spot the police hides on Sonata, they can observe 2 stops and 3 school zones.

This morning I was coming from Spring Garden, onto Kingsley and as I approached the stop on the corner of Sonata, I saw the police Van chase a car that had stopped very little. What blew my mind is despite the police car following the SUV, the person kept driving. Finally stopping on Sunnybrooke, right after the stop sign. A horrible place to stop given the traffic on Sunnybrooke.

Most of the time when I see the police van chase someone or catch someone it's between Sonata and Saturn, or even between Saturn and Sunnybrooke but closer to Saturn.

I happened to witness the first interaction between the young male police officer, sexy in his camouflage protest pants, and the middle aged fur coat wearing, privileged woman. If I had been able to hear I'm sure he chewed her out for not stopping when he first went behind her. I mean who did she think he was chasing? His tail? There was no one else on the road in front of her.  If he was going for some emergency he would have just barreled around her.

Oh if I had been able to take a photo of him giving her hell, I would have loved it.

Anyways it made my morning, because there are way too many "privileged" people in the west Island who think they own the road.  Of course if I hadn't let 2 bunches of pedestrians, [one bunch who waved at me thankfully] cross Spring Garden before I turned on Kingsley I would not have witnessed this spectacle!

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