Monday, March 09, 2015

2015 might not be a good year for my mom's siblings.

My mom has been gone since 1999, but both of her siblings are still alive. At least at the latest news but it might not be long. My mom was born in 1933, my aunt was most likely born in 1931, and my uncle in 1936 or 1937.  That makes my aunt 84 and my uncle not quite 80.

When I saw my broker, he mentioned he hasn't seen my aunt in 2 years because she isn't well enough to discuss her finances, and today I received a Facebook message from one of my cousins to say his dad is in his last miles.  It's sad, and I guess I am bracing myself to receive phone call about their passing on.

I don't remember last time I saw either. My mom hadn't been on good terms with her brother and his wife, except perhaps the last year of her life, and though she did spend time with my aunt, she always had issues with her.  I have my own issues with my aunt, and we don't get along that well, we're too alike.

I sometimes forget that I'm 50ish, so it's not surprising that my aunt and uncle are getting older. 

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