Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What are the urban developers in DDO really thinking?

There are so few north-south streets in the west island that goes between highway 40 and Gouin and some yahoo in DDO, thought that one of the few streets that do, should be single lane 40km per hour!!!

Don't know what he has been smoking, but ever since the line was painted to mark where one could no longer drive and not clearing the snow on the side of the road, Sunnybrooke  BOULEVARD has been jammed up between 7:30-8:30AM and between 4-6pm daily. When I say jammed up, bumper to bumper traffic. I've been stuck on Sunnybrooke blvd longer then 30 fucking minutes. The damn BOULEVARD is 2.2km long and should take no more then 5 minutes to drive from one end to the other, even if you have to wait for the light at Hyman, and for the bike path in summer.

If I had a choice I would NEVER use Sunnybrooke BOULEVARD, but sadly I work on St Regis, and really the best way to get home is by taking Gouin to Pierrefonds blvd. The only way to get from St Regis to Gouin is by taking Sunnybrooke.

But some Yahoo from DDO thinks that I should maybe get on the highway for one exit and then go down Sources blvd? So I drive further out of the way?  Besides most mornings Sources is backed up to Hyman, or even Sunnydale.  I've taken to zigzagging through DDO in the morning and getting to Sunnybrooke at Kingsley and still some mornings I spend 20 minutes on Sunnybrooke.

Also if they didn't want Sunnybrooke BOULEVARD to be used by so much traffic, they perhaps having it connect to an entrance to the highway  via St Regis wasn't the best idea either

I spent most of my commute time stuck in non-moving traffic on both Sunnybrooke and St Regis and it's really frustrating.

And to those unclear on the meaning of the word Boulevard, it means a LARGE road.  If you don't want people to use it call it a street or an avenue.  Not a boulvard.


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