Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Torch Tower in Dubai Torched!

When I read that it was in the Dubai Marina, I read the article. and the minute I saw the article I knew which tower it was, and where it was located in the Dubai Marina. One of the rare places you can take a stroll in Dubai is along the Dubai Marina, at least in the winter months, where it's quite pleasant.

The last time I visited my Lebanese hubby in Dubai, while he worked during the day, I would sometimes wander to the Dubai Marina for lunch at the Rupee room. I remember the time I ordered the spicy eggplant curry. The waiter tells me it's pretty spicy hot, I tell him bring it on.  Well he brings me my meal and I notice that all the waiters, are all standing in a line watching me take my first bite.  As if to say "Watch the white woman with the red hair, she's going to be calling for water, or to have her dish changed". Three of them had a water pitcher in their hand. Their eggplant curry was divine. Just hot enough, and when it got a bit too hot, I'd take a bite of rice to cool down my mouth. After I'd eaten 3-4 bites and not even touched my water, I watched them all disperse. 

After my lunch, I'd sit in the Dubai Marina on one of the benches, and watch the people go buy. From the ex-pat Brits, to the Emiratis, and every nationality in between. There was a fair amount of Filipinos and east Asians working in the food industry and the Marina walk is scattered with restaurants and cafes, both local endeavours and chains like Johnny Rockets.

I've also been known to sketch, while I was in Dubai and the only building I sketched while sitting in the Dubai Marina, was the Torch tower.

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