Monday, February 16, 2015

Panasonic ESED90P Ladies Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaver

I ordered it on Amazon on February 3rd and it arrived on February the 13th. Given they had none in stock and had no clue when they would have stock, I was pretty pleased with it's timely arrival.

My main reason for buying it is that I have been getting nasty rashes shaving. Usually days 2-3-4 after shaving. It was suggested that I may be less prone to rashes if I were to use an electric shaver.

So after a month of checking out various models, I opted for the Panasonic ESE090P. I wasn't here on Friday when it arrived, so I opened the box on Sunday dinner time, after I got home.

I decided to try it around 11pm after spending time on Skype with my buddy in Otttawa. It was easy to use, but 30 minutes after I was finished both legs were rashed. Thankfully, not touching them at all or reacting to the itching meant that this morning both legs looked fine, rash gone, and it's a close shave.

So this might actually work for me. As the name implies you can use the shaver in the shower, but I doubt I'll ever do that in the 3 showers I take a year. The trauma of taking a shower is enough to make me inept to shave. For those who don't know me, I do bathe daily. I just don't like showers, or having water fall on me. I also don't like being out in the rain much. It's a texture/tactile issue. I'm fine being immersed in water, moreso if the water is the right temperature.

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