Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Got myself a point and shoot

Sony DSC-W830

I've been not wanting to take 2-5lbs of camera equipment everywhere I go, so I figured 2015 was the year I'd get myself a little tiny point and shoot. It's very tiny. Smaller then my android.  List price on SO\ony Canada website is $130 currently, got it for $115 taxes included at Canada Computers. Ordered two more batteries and a charger on Amazon, the total will cost me $20. Battery for this camera is rated for about 100 minutes, want to make sure I don't run out of battery. 
I've taken a few cat photos with it and happy. It does so much better then my android in poor lighting, which is good considering I hate using a flash, though even without flash the camera will flash red to get focus. 

I chose the Sony because I have a similar model at work and like it a lot. It's probably a little bigger then this one but not by much and takes good photos for my needs at work. Of course I'm just a Sony groupie, I just love the Sony colours. 

Oh and I just remembered I have 2 tripods that will work for this camera, one is tiny and will hold it, the other was supposed to be one that can be attached to anything but would not hold up a dSLR, but will hold up this tiny point and shoot, no problems. 

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