Friday, February 27, 2015

Fuck you & your shoes & your cat toys!

I ended up falling asleep early last night which is never good. I was awaken by something around 4 am. At which point Toby decided to come and check out if I was awake.  I got up to walk the 3feet to my ensuite bathroom and managed to slip on a cat toy and fall. At 4am I thought it was cat puke because it felt cold and slippery. But no, it was a piece of cardboard attached to a string that has just the right amount of plastic to make it a weapon of mass disruption. 

As it turned out I did not fall in a symmetrical way so most of the impact was absorbed by my left butt cheek. I'm sure there will be a spectacular bruise there later today.  I also managed to hit the accordion door to my bathroom along my spine.  I cant recall what obscenity I muttered.

If this had happened in a slapstick comedy,  or cartoon, it might have elicited lots of laughs. I'm sure the dafuck expression on my face was priceless. I can be highly expressive especially when I'm upset.

It's 2 hours later and I still feel battered.  I wonder if my cats are out to get me.  Last night I was holding and petting Toby and he heard a sound, that scared the fuck out of him so he left nasty  scratch marks on my arm and belly. I also yelled some obscenities then that I can't remember either.

I thought I might have a week-end where I could actually go skating because my back stopped twinging on Monday. But no, like a cat, I am acting like I meant for it to happen, and sitting in my bed licking my wounds. 

Ziva and Toby play footsies at the foot of the bed.

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