Sunday, February 15, 2015

Beautiful Sunny day

Today was a beautiful sunny day. I left the townships around 3:15, gassed at the Petro-T in Drummondville, and drove straight home. The 55's passing lane did have a bit of snow in some parts of the left most side, but the  right lane was clear. The 20 was clear the whole way as was the 30. A bit of wind and drifting snow in some areas but nothing compared to my drive down.

I arrived home at 5:30, and pulled straight in the garage. Toby did not say meow the entire trip home. He slept, with his face near the exit of the cage. I always put it so that he can see me and he knows I'm with him.  He was found sleeping earlier in his usual spot at this time in the evening. Jethro and Pixie greeted him, Ziva hissed, sniffed him and told him he smelled funny. Females!

I didn't mention that I went to Rockaberry on Sources, on Wednesday night. I went to meet a new POF guy. I hope, the first and the only for 2015.  This new one messaged me the Wednesday before, and I responded the morning before leaving for my interviews at ETS downtown. We exchanged around 15 emails that day, starting with silly banter and ending with much deeper and intellectual topics. By the end I was actually wanting to meet him. Usually it takes me a week or two online to feel out someone. However what kept me from the impulsivity was my sore back.  It wasn't well enough before Wednesday to attempt meeting anyone.

We met around 7pm, I decided at 9:30 to put a 10pm end to the meeting otherwise we would have talked all night. I got a good feeling, like this one might be a friend for a very long time. He actually speaks my language.  Time will tell as is usual with such things.We're still exchanging emails but nothing like the frenzy of the first day.

My back is still a bit stiff but I can still bounce around a room, and that is a good thing. My back stays stiff too if I don't move around enough. Another few days and it should be fine. Just have to make sure not to lift much this week at work.

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