Tuesday, January 06, 2015

My right ear has seborrhoeic eczema

Yesterday while talking to a co-worker I scratched the back side of my right ear, and found it to be completely covered in flakes. At first I was wondering if someone hadn't dropped a large amount of hair gel or even white glue behind my ear, though I was puzzled how I would not have noticed.

I went home and rinsed it out with water figuring if it was something on my ear it would rinse off. No, it was back once it dried.   I ended up pulling tons of flaky dead skin and putting Vaseline on it.

When I mentioned it to my friend currently living with me, she said I probably had eczema. Since I do get other forms of eczema elsewhere on my body I thought it made sense. I mentioned it to my friend at work, who also suffers from eczema and she says she gets that from time to time as well.

I did some googling and apparently this form of eczema is called seborrhoeic eczema. While the Vaseline did make my ear feel better, tonight after I put my hair up I will put Noxzema on it.

I've had it before but a much milder version. And usually it goes away alone. What puzzles me most is that I was covered it in behind my right ear, and my left ear is just fine.  

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