Thursday, January 29, 2015

My daughter decorates her living space with heavy Walmart artichokes

One of the items my eldest daughter is pleased with is this bigger then life artichoke that she picked up at Walmart. For one it's so heavy that her cat Loche won't toss it on the floor. That is always a bonus when adding accents to a room.  I wonder how she likes her sewing machine, a Janome SUV1108.

Last year I got from the President's choice grocery store, a down vest, from their Joe Fresh line. It was black and down filled, and I loved it so much I bought this years model in olive green.

I also got one for a friend in Olive green and she loves it too, so ended up getting the last men's for my buddy in Ireland. Most of this winter, he's been complaining about how he just doesn't seem to be able to warm up. Makes sense it's always damp in Ireland and that is bone chilling. I mailed the package last Thursday and it got to him today.  He called it a body warmer :)  He says it fits perfectly and was going to wear it today to ride to Dublin.  I'm hoping it keeps him as warm as it keeps us.

My dentist changed receptionist, what after 20 years, and the new ones don't know me very well, so I never got my reminder cal at work, forgot completely I had an appointment. Felt like a heel. But I have poor memory for appointments. Always have. Need reminding.

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