Saturday, January 03, 2015

My baby called me :)

I was so thrilled last night, my youngest daughter. who currently lives in London, UK,  messaged me on Facebook and asked if it was ok to Skype.

I only have skype on my Android at the moment, but I have skyped already several people that way, full video no less and it amazes me that sometimes it's even better then MSN messenger used to be back in 2007 with video. Though it has it's issues too. Sometimes sound still doesn't come across properly.

Anyhow, we talked about 2 hours, was very cool. I is a happy mama.

I've also spent hours on this site researching tarot decks. There are 3 that are really talking to me at the moment that are for sale on Amazon and I might actually order them today.

My friend in Ireland wants me to do a reading for him, and I've tried reading with both my Witches Tarot [the Ellen Cannon Reid version] and my Tarot of the Spirit without much success.  I've outgrown my witches Tarot and I'm finding my Tarot of the Spirit too dark. 

 I haven't been able to read with my Thoth Crowley deck since my early 20's.  I mean I can, but it scares me a little. I've predicted deaths and destruction with that deck with scary accuracy and was made to be afraid of it.    I still LOVE my Thoth deck. I love to sit with it and meditate. But I really don't want to read anyone's future with it.

The 3 decks that are talking to me the most at the moment are the Chrysalis Tarot,  the Mystical Cats Tarot, and the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies.   I've got them in my Amazon cart ready to purchase.

There was the Rainbow Travellers Tarot that talked to me but must be purchased from the Artist. Not sure I want it that badly atm.

There's a few others talking to me that I put in my Amazon wish list, like the Mystic Dreamer Tarot, the Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit, The Silver Witchcraft Tarot Kit, and the Sacred Circle Tarot: A Celtic Pagan Journey.

I have spent hours looking at tarot decks and reading reviews. It's not the same as seeing the cards in person like I used to be able to at the Melange Magique back in the day.   They had a binder that displayed each deck they had for sale, as many cards as would fit the page for the deck.  Helped me choose the Witches Tarot and the Tarot of the Spirit.

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