Sunday, January 18, 2015

Awesome week-end

Wonderful week-end spend in the company of my friends from Kingsbury. I generally have a great time when I spend it with them and this time was no exception. We wandered around several thrift shops, where I found some more silk scarves. We found some cool lingerie that fit my friend.

It sucks that clothes made for more voluptuous women assume they want to hide their curves. Sometimes a voluptuous woman wants to show off her beautiful assets and it sucks that no one seems to cater to that.  I tend to like mideval clothing on rubinesque women because it is made to make them look pretty as opposed to hiding them under tents or very conservative clothing.

We also went for a walk in Bois de Liesse with husky, who just had a blast. She got to meet a whole bunch of friendly dogs, along our walk, and I will do fine having my own husky when I move to Cape Breton.

My friend also made some awesome jerk. I found it perfect but it was a bit hot for some of those who ate it. My friend was not impressed, and found it a fail, but I loved it. Having 3 lunches with it this week. YUMMY!

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