Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Syria, does it have to get worse before it gets better?

I haven't blogged much about Syria recently because I'm so discouraged. As suspected the Arab league monitor system failed. Sadly there was more daily deaths in Syria with the monitors in the country then there had been before.  At least the Arab League has said, Syria is not living up to it;s end of the bargain and pulled out the monitors and is bringing a resolution to the UN. 

If only Russia would see the light and go with the flow rather then against the resolution. Russia doesn't want to support action against Syria because then they can no longer sell their weapons. What is for sure is that Russia's hands are just as bloody as Assads. 

I was too exhausted to go stand at the Russian Consulate this past Sunday but at least I was happy to hear about 50 people showed up even though the event was put together at the last minute. John Jantac took photo's. This coming Saturday there is a fund raising dinner that I will most likely attend, this should make me less guilty for missing the event on Sunday. 

This morning the article in Al Jazeera has the US saying Assad's days are numbered.  Let's pray that this is true. The Syrian people keep fighting and moving on and hopefully very soon Assad will be gone.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Entrelacs "tent" situation

Currently Occupons Entrelacs is occupying both on Tony and on his neighbours land. The army tents are on his neighbours property.  Well you see the letter below from the city, the neighbour never received one. So of course they are singling out Tony again. 

Tony and one of the occupiers went around Entrelacs and took photo's of 8 other folks with roulottes on their properties and who probably have not received a notice from the town. 

City of Entrelacs abusing power

The city of Entrelacs is trying to tell Tony that he cannot put tents on it. I don't know what planet they are on really. I mean I've always put my tent in my back yard in Montreal the day before I go camping. It's been known to stay over a week sometimes due to inclement weather especially when I want the tent to dry. 

I've also put our Occupy Tent on the front of my property in Pierrefonds as a protest and it has been there since November 25th, 2011. I have not received a single complaint. Heck I haven't received a single comment even from my neighbors. 

This is the letter Tony received from Entrelacs and the funny part is if you look up the law they refer to, it only applies to camping trailers, not tents.


Type d'infraction / Règlement et articles : USAGE NON AUTORISÉ
Règlement #00-426, ART 14.6 Grille des usages R-4
Date d'inspection : 23/01/2012
Délai accordé : 10 jours

25 janvier 2012

Avis d'infraction


La présente fait suite à une inspection de votre propriété cité en rubrique en date du 23 janvier 2012. Lors de cette inspection nous avons pu constater la présence de deux (2) entes installées sur votre terrain et servanpour des activités de camping.

À cet égard, il appert donc que vous contrevenez à l'article 14.6 du règlement de zonage 426 de la municipalité d'Entrelacs.

"Sauf pour des fins temporaires conformes aux dispositions du présent règlement, les roulottes ne sont autorisées que sur les terrains de camping.
Les activités de camping ne sont autorisées que sur les terrains de camping."

De plus, je profite de la présente pour vous signifier que dans la zone R-4, laquelle votre terrain fait partie, l'usage commercial de type "271-5 camping" n'est pas permis.

Pour ces raisons, nous vous demandons de bien enlever ces tentes et cesser toutes activités liées au camping sur votre terrain dans les dix (10) jours suivant la réception de la présente, sans quoi la municipalité entreprendra les procédures légales nécessaires.

Merci de votre collaboration,

Alexandre Morin
Directeur aménagement du territoire
Municipalité d'Entrelacs

I'd also love to know how much municipal tax money has been used to fight USELESS court orders. I mean so far they have fought Tony twice up to Superior court where he won his case!!!! I wonder if the residents of Entrelacs would be so pleased that their tax money is going to court cases over stupid things like dogs, and bridges and tents!!!!

Occupons Entrelacs - photos 4rth week

These are the photos I took on the 4rth week at Occupons Entrelacs. We had an activity day and my gf came with her children. Snow men were built and signs were put up :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eglise St Emile a Entrelacs

I love the effect of taking photo at dusk!

Friday, January 27, 2012

When rescuing becomes a disease

Interesting article on Slate on overprotective animal rescue groups. I noticed myself when I rescued Pixie, that the questionnaire was long. and we had to visit, me and the girls a month before we got to adopt the cat. I guess she was a rescuer who was fine with people with children. It could also be the way we were with the cat when we visited and in general all the pets. 

When I rescued Zeke, the rescuer came to see me with 2 cats. and also I suppose check me out to see if I was suitable. She talked with me for an hour while she watched the way Zeke just settled on my lap. I mean he wasn't my first choice for a cat, but after having him on my lap for one hour I knew he needed a home and he'd be happy. Sadly the rescuer 'lied' to me telling me the cat was 1 1/2 years when I adopted him. Turns out he was probably closer to 8 or 10. 

It's pretty sad when people who claim to rescue become hoarders and end up hurting animals instead of doing good by them.

Full house again

Our friend Nina got a job starting tomorrow, so she's going to be staying with us for a bit. She's been living with her dad near Granby, and it's not conducive to working in Montreal, especially without a car. I'm not sure if they figured out what was wrong with her car yet. 

I've also had my sense of security shattered a bit. When I think about the guy staying with us. Who was homeless after the Montreal occupation camp got dismantled. I was thinking he might be clueless like the ex I don't talk to anymore, who can't cook until it's already made - he can reheat, who brings his laundry to his mom [and claims she likes it and she needs the money - right good excuse] and who can't clean much either... he likes moving stuff around and tidying.  No this guy is resourceful and self-sufficient. He's intelligent and well read. He's ingenious and thinks outside the box.   It just leaves me puzzled to think about it.  I'm sensitive and I guess it makes me realize how crappy the world is and the fact that I'm this paranoid and  not trusting isn't a bad thing.

Gotta run got miles to go before I sleep :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Occupy Entrelacs Needs you!!!! Occupons Entrelacs a besoin de vous!!!

Occupons Entrelacs (OE)

a besoin de :

- sacs de couchage
- couvertes
- chandelles
- petites bonbonnes de propane
- petits chaudrons/poêles
- matériaux pour faire des pancartes (markers, cartons, etc.)
- nourriture non-périssable
- fouin
- argent Canadian Tire
- argent
- un bureau
- tables et chaises
- petit poêle à bois pour chauffer la grande tente militaire
- raquettes
- skis de fonds
- radio

Occupy Entrelacs needs the following: 

- blankets
- candles
- small propane tanks
- small pots and pans
- materials for making signs [markers, cardboard, paint]
- non-perishable food
- hay [for making floor of tent]
- Canadian tire money
- money
- a desk
- tables and chairs
- small wood stove
- snow shoes
- cross country skis
- radio

Please send your donations or drop them off at:
SVP envoyer vos dons ou venez les porter a:

Occupons Entrelacs
10891 Route Pauzé
Entrelacs, Quebec
 J0T 2E0

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Neighbor suspected in sign removal at Occupons Entrelacs!

On Saturday we nailed some of the signs I made to Tony's fence in Entrelacs. Apparently this morning the signs were gone.  He took photo's of  footprints in snow and it seems that his 'bad' neighbor snuck around in the middle of the night and took down the signs.

Funny Tony was saying that he needs to add yet another camera, this one near the road. Well this is something we're going to need to do very shortly. This way in the future we can nail the bastard neighbor who's been the source of his problems.

My babies are spreading their wings

This morning my youngest daughter chatted me a bit on Facebook. She's considering going to teach aboard next year.  I know she was toying with going to teach in a remote location in Canada, most likely on a native reserve, but then she changed her mind because she was thinking she's going to get an internship in one of the institutions in Montreal and that would be more beneficial. 

Today she's mentioning she's considering going to teach in England next year.  I encouraged her.  She's young and unattached, it's the best time for trying out new stuff and traveling. By teaching in England she'll be able to travel around Europe on her week-ends and get a chance to experience a whole new continent. 

As far as my eldest daughter is concerned, as soon as she finishes her last semester at Concordia, in May she's moving to Halifax and joining the Navy full time. She's extremely enthusiastic about it! 

So come next year I will have one daughter in Halifax and one daughter in England!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter camping

I was pretty pleased with myself this year going camping in early October. Turned out to be one of the warmest Thanks-giving week-ends we've had on record. It was warmer camping in October then it had been in early September in the same provincial park. 

I had perhaps excepted I might camp out at Place des Peuple once just to do it, though I was more looking forward just to spend the night at the camp and not sleep. However as it turns out, this never happened because the camp was dismantled prematurely.

When Occupy Entrelacs started, I didn't think about twice. Nina and I were ready to winter camp all we needed was a guy to accompany us since we did not know the people who's property we were going to Occupy.  The guy we took is the guy staying with me. He was surprised to be asked by 2 women to go camping in January.  Nina is an expert at winterizing a tent so I didn't worry about sleeping outdoors in winter. 

The week-end of January 7th, it wasn't that cold outside, maybe went down to -15C. This time around though, it was just me and the guy in the tent along with an old German Sheppard dog. It was around -28 when we went to sleep but it went down to -35 apparently. I was warm throughout. The second night wasn't as warm mostly because my companion had been drinking and left the tent to pee four to five times... tent unfortunately was not as warm that night, but thankfully I think it was a warmer night.

The only thing I was disappointed is that so far I have not seen northern lights. However the sky was stunning Saturday night. All the stars that were visible. It would have been so sweet to have photo's of green northern lights above the tents. I've seen photos of northern lights along with tents and I always thought the people were crazy to camp in the winter. I figure so long as you're not one person, you manage to keep your heat pretty well. 

For tips on how to winterize a tent, check the above video out:

Pictures of third week of Occupons Entrelacs.

I put up photos from this week-end.  So did hubby, here are his photos.

Occupons Entrelacs - and my life gets busy and complicated!

Wow. I hadn't realized that I hadn't managed to blog in a week. Also I hadn't really noticed!

Admittedly this week has been a busy week. This was the second week with my batch of new students. They are all great choices, but since they are new they are full of questions. But my choices were good. These are eager to learn students. CJ in HQA has been giving them all hardware training and is having them compete assembling a system.

CJ and I grade the students not only on if the PC boots and windows is installed, but also attention to detail. Like are the cables passed funny and awkward. Are all the drivers installed in the OS? So his student and my students are competing to as who assembled the system the best and we'll tell them who is 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ... and what they did wrong. Of course this is being done in a constructive way to teach them all about quality assurance and pride in doing the job right the first time.

Other then that since the camp at Occupy Montreal got taken down, I've let two people squat  here from time to time and I suspect as time progresses it might be more. So I've been more busy.   For a girl that was almost a hermit until this summer, I'm sure socializing way more then ever. Here's the thing, I'm tolerating being with people a lot fairly well at the moment.  Considering I just spent the week-end with about 10 people or so most of the time with me, I'm remarkably chipper. :)

I've also developed feelings for one of the people that has been living with us. I suspect this person will be in my life a lot in the future. Hubby likes him a lot too, we enjoy having him around. I thought I originally met this person because he was one of the animators on the Occupy Montreal livestream, but it turns out he was the guy helping my buddy John put up the tarp at the People's kitchen on October 15th. We're all part of the Occupation movement's independent media team.

A small group of us went to Occupy Entrelacs this week-end, and I wandered around entrelacs so my friend could get his 'stock shots' for the news report he's preparing.  It permitted me to get particularly stunning photo's of St Emile church in the process :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

rEvolution - Tunisian sponsored event

Today I attended rEvolution an event sponsored by the Tunisian collective in Montreal and that wanted to unite together the different groups. In as such, the Syrian collective had a table and so did the 20th of february supporters for Morocco!

Here are my photo's for this event.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Vigil for Farshad Mohammadi

Earlier tonight about 50 of us gathered in front of the SPVM headquarters in a vigil for Farshad Mohammadi. 

Here are my photo's of this vigil.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Corruption in Entrelacs!

Corruption in Entrelacs

The residents of Entrelacs have been subject to municipal corruption for over half a decade. The harassment ranges from unfounded fines of barking dogs, to not issuing needed building permits, to filing false charges of attempted murder.

The problems seem to have started for Tony Scafuro five years ago when he attempted to get a permit to build a bridge to join his driveway on one side of a river to his house on the opposite bank. Four homes share this strange situation and while some homes have bridges of their own, Scafuro was repeatedly denied a permit.

The problems since then have only grown for the residents of Entrelacs when a new mayor and city inspector came into power. The residents can’t help but feel they are being forced away from their land by the city officials. Many residents have received repeated and unfounded complaints and fines, other residents have been repeatedly arrested over false charges. This has left the residents of Entrelac terrified to leave their homes or even speak up against this tyranny.

One resident did reach out and did so to Occupy Montreal. After investigating the situation in Scafuro’s neighbourhood it was quickly decided to start Occupons Entrelacs. This new Occupation is in need of your help; we need people interested in spending time in the newly made camp to give the residents a sense of security they have long forgone. Occupons Entrelacs is also in need of camping supplies, food, propane and monetary funds. Help us say No to municipal corruption.

By Nina Haigh

Occupons Entrelacs!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Syria - a Human disaster area!

One of the monitors appointed to be in Syria quits and calls the whole process a farce!

On another front a convoy of young Syrians and peace activists from all over the world are planning to go into Syria tomorrow to help those in need.  This is something I would have liked to participate in, though I know full well that they will need God's protection to survive this mission.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Occupons Entrelacs!!!!

As it goes - What appears to be happening is that this man owns property next to crown land and some of the 1% want to drive him to sell his property so that they can easily access this crown land.

So far other then calling his bridge "Not conform with standards" [Which the supreme court twice said was not true and he was allowed to have this bridge], they have sent the DPJ [there was no reason and the people at the DPJ said as much], the SPCA [there was also no reason and the woman from SPCA would be willing to talk about that], he has also lost is SAAQ [he was injured in a car accident a few years ago and thanks for his asshole neighbors who constantly complained, lost his insurance].

Also - they claim his dogs are vicious, dangerous, noisy and howl non-stop - hence the several thousand dollars in dog fines.... We slept on the property. What dogs barking all night?

With 5 dogs on the property, not one barked at night. The 'vicious' dog, was so vicious when I showed up, he put his head in my hand to say "Pet me" and I'm not really a dog person. He was one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met and extremely friendly. Yes he has been trained to protect, but he was not trained to be vicious or aggressive!

However if you say how afraid of people some of his dogs are [Because one neighbor SHOT ONE OF HIS DOGS 3 times!!!] you would wonder what was done to them. And you can tell it's not Tony because they run to him but are nervous around anyone new.

They are looking to break this man so they can take his property. All those of you who feel he hasn't done his due diligence are welcome to come to Entrelacs and go through his several boxes of papers, judgements, proofs etc....

This is truly the kind of case this movement should be behind. Other Occupies in the US have occupied people's properties to prevent them from having their homes repossessed this is similar.

This man doesn't like being alone at home with his 4 year old son because he's afraid that the police will come over and arrest him again on bogus charges. At least with a bunch of occupiers on his property we can make sure if police show up to arrest him that no one hurts his dogs or come to burn down his property - Like they threatened to do to his and DID burn down a home just a few feet away from his - and while they did not find the culprit, firemen said it was criminal set.

Here are some photos

ENTRELACS : Un cas de persécution

Si vous avez besoin de plus d’information, donnez-nous un jour ou deux pour monter les séquences vidéo que nous avons tournées.

Il appert que la propriété de cet homme (Tony) jouxte des terres publiques, et que des membres du 1 % veulent l’obliger à la vendre afin de bénéficier d’un accès à ces terres publiques.

À ce jour, en plus de prétendre que son pont « ne répond pas aux normes » (bien que la Cour Suprême ait déjà démenti ces allégations à deux reprises et confirmé qu’il avait le droit de posséder ce pont), ils lui ont envoyé la DPJ (sans aucune raison, ainsi qu’en ont convenu eux-mêmes les représentants de la DPJ), la SPCA (sans raison non plus, et la dame de la SPCA est même prête à en témoigner), et il a aussi perdu ses indemnités de la SAAQ (il a subi des blessures dans un accident d’auto il y a quelques années et ses détestables voisins, à force de porter plainte contre lui, ont fini par lui faire perdre ses indemnités).

De plus, ils prétendent que ses chiens sont féroces et bruyants, et qu’ils aboient sans arrêt – d’où les amendes totalisant plusieurs milliers de dollars qui lui ont été remises à cause de ses bêtes… Nous avons dormi sur sa propriété et n’avons pas entendu un seul jappement de toute la nuit.

Malgré la présence de cinq chiens sur la propriété, aucun n’a aboyé une seule fois. Le chien soi-disant « méchant » était si féroce qu’à mon arrivée, il est venu spontanément poser sa tête dans le creux de ma main pour mendier une caresse – et je ne suis pas spécialement douée avec les chiens. En fait, c’est l’un des chiens les plus doux et amicaux qu’il m’ait été donné de rencontrer. Bien sûr, il a été entraîné pour protéger ses maîtres, mais certainement pas pour être méchant ou agressif!

En revanche, on peut se demander ce qui est arrivé à ses bêtes quand on constate à quel point celles-ci semblent effrayées par les étrangers (un de ses voisins a tiré TROIS FOIS sur l’un de ses chiens!) Et il est évident que ce n’est pas Tony lui-même qui rend ses chiens nerveux, car ils lui font la fête dès qu’ils le voient, mais ils sont agités en présence d’inconnus.

On cherche de toute évidence à briser la volonté de cet homme pour l’obliger à céder sa propriété. Et si vous croyez qu’il n’a pas fait ses devoirs ou qu’il s’est montré négligent, nous vous invitons à venir à Entrelacs pour examiner ses nombreuses boîtes de documents, de jugements de cour, de preuves, etc...

C’est tout à fait le genre de cause que ce mouvement doit endosser. D’autres groupes Occupy aux États-Unis ont occupé des propriétés privées pour éviter à leurs propriétaires d’en être évincés dans des cas tout à fait similaires.

Cet homme n’aime pas rester seul chez lui avec son fils de quatre ans parce qu’il craint que la police ne vienne encore l’arrêter sous de fausses accusations. Si quelques occupants se trouvent sur place, nous pourrons au moins nous assurer, si jamais la police se présente pour le mettre en état d’arrestation, que personne ne vienne faire du mal à ses chiens ou incendier sa maison en son absence – une menace qui lui a été formulée très clairement; on a même brûlé une maison voisine de la sienne, probablement en guise d’avertissement. Bien qu’ils n’aient pas réussi à trouver le coupable, les pompiers ont en effet conclu à un incendie criminel.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

UN official says Yemen amnesty may be illegal

UN official says Yemen amnesty may be illegal - Middle East 

I'm glad that it's not just Tawakol Karmen who can see that the GCC brokered deal for Yemen is wrong. Here's hoping that Yemen gets real democracy.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Bombing in Damascus today.

 First here's an article about the bombing.
-Anchorman: Colonel Riad Al Asa’ad, as a military expert, how would you describe the bombing in Al Midan today that resulted in the killing of more than 25 people?
- First, may mercy be granted to the martyrs. Second, the regime is starting to lose control over itself  because of the Syrian Revolution.This operation is just like the two earlier bombings in Damascus. We are used to this ever since the 80s. Why did the bombing take place in al Midan, Damascus, which is one of the most respectable cities in Damascus? And Al Midan is holding protests. The regime is doing this to terrorise the people and convince them with their lies.
-Do you still insist on taking the Syrian situation to the international community?
-Mufti Hasoun said that he will bring the region to an explosive situation in the Gulf region?
-Aren’t you afraid that if the Syrian situation is taken to the International Community, it will bring disaster to the Syrians?
- What is the Free Syrian Army's position now in Syria, and what are its future prospects?
- Can the FSA hold on and increase its numbers?

-Making the revolution a military one, isn't that a strategic mistake?
This was translation of interview with head of Free Syrian Army by Al Jazeera. The original interview was in Arabic. 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Montreal Boxing day - Flash Mobs of 99%, Syrian Collective & annonymous

Syria deceiving the Arab League???

Would the Syrian Regime do that?  Damn right they would. It's crazy that the Syrian Regime still thinks we believe their crazy lies. 

Here's a BBC article about the situation.

Here's an interview with a guy who's just defected: [Video was in Arabic so no point in posting it here]

What is your motive behind this defection?

I just can’t accept what is being said about armed and terrorist groups. And no sane mind can take that! And I assure you that there is NO armed groups on the streets, just peaceful protestors.
The ministry of defense, which he works in, is surrounded by intelligences branches. We saw the arrested individuals being blind folded and handcuffed behind their backs and taken to the intelligences basements (where they are tortured)
I saw the security forces with their vehicles and 4x4 cars moving towards the protestors to kill them.

The Free Syrian Army: they are honorable people which I know, since I work at the ministry of defense, they defected because they weren’t able to kill the protestors as they were ordered.
Reporter: You may be accused of repeating what the opposition is saying and there is no evidence or collaboration to what you are saying. How do you reply to that?
I was the one responsible for the financial reports. The Syrian Regime spent 2 billion Syria pounds to pay their thugs and all these are documented. And I saw with my own eyes they paid the shabiha to kill the protestors.

What is your opinion regarding the ministers and government official inside Syria?
- I believe they are “incarcerated”
How can you describe the state of the Syrian Regime? Especially that the opposition says that there are a lot of people who are waiting for the proper time to defect
“The regime is collapsing, it is falling apart.”
The regime is bombing the cities with airplanes especially the cities that represent a mighty state like Homs and some towns in Damascus Rural. The situation is out of their control”
I can assure you that 80% of the Syrian officials want to defect but they fear their lives and their families’ lives as well, so they calculate each step they want to take. I know because I am one of them.

How can you describe the regime’s financial situation?
It is too bad. They are receiving financial help from Iran, Iraq, and rich business men who support the regime like Rami Makhlouf. They are doing this thinking that they can control the revolution but they can’t and will not because the revolution is chantingr “to die is better than to live humiliated”. I saw the protestors and have taken part in protesting as well. I used old Arabic clothes,
in order not to be recognized, and shared in the protests.

Work today.

I was supposed to go back to work yesterday, but I couldn't get myself out of the house. Today though I'm aiming to be at work for 9ish. I have zero interest. I could use another 2 weeks of vacation and even then...

However I'm going to be a good girl and get my ass into a bath and get ready for work. I'm so not feeling it. Especially since it's -18C right now. BRRRRRR.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Occupy this!

Apparently the word Occupy made 2011's most overused words :)  This is no surprise. However it does not mean we need to stop using it, though - some would rather use decolonize. It's more politically correct at least from the natives point of view who feel we have been occupying Montreal for the past 450 some odd years. 

Other then feeling more alive for the first time in years, the occupy movement has given me a lot of friends who are a lot like me. Maybe not on all levels, but a much wider pool of people to create bonds with.  Not the type of people I tend to meet at work in an engineering firm which is rather homogenous.  Well other then a few people who are also involved in some shape or another with the Occupy movement. 

I have two friends currently that are homeless. Well I think one is no longer considered homeless since living in this home in Longueuil starting last week. The other isn't technically, he's living with probably close to a dozen people at a communal apartment.  So far he's dropped in on us for a few days on three different occasions,  because  he needs to clear his head and get a bit of peace and quiet.   

I have a third friend, who lives in the eastern townships with her dad. She will probably be staying a few days here as well, over the next few months when she needs to be in town for a few days.  

Think this place will become an occupied home :P

Occupy LOL cats - a new batch.