Thursday, July 15, 2010

Craigleith and Wassaga Beach Provincial Parks.

I recently had opportunity to go camping in Ontario, on the shores of the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, at Craigleith Provincial Park. It was beautiful. Sadly spending 2 nights was not nearly enough, we will have to go back at some point.

What brought me there, was that I was going to see my eldest daughter graduate from her Navy boot camp on June 24th, at CFB Borden. It's far enough from Montreal, that we had to spend the night and I checked out the area and figured it might be nice to camp on the edge of Lake Huron. It was and we were about 1 hour away from Borden where we stayed. I was very pleased that I got to see my daughter march and graduate.

We also went to Wasaga Beach Provincial park to check out the beach since at the campground, the waterfront was all in shale, and not a place recommended for swimming. We were at Wasaga Beach when the tornado struck Midland, Ontario on June 23rd. We even saw some funnel looking clouds at the distance...

On a different topic when we arrived in Wasaga Beach provincial park we were given a variety pack of Larabars and they are great. Big thanks to Park Ontario for that! I can actually eat them and not get a spike in sugar. Many flavours very yummy. Well the only one I cannot eat is the one with cocoa in it and the boys tell me that the coconut gives it a weird taste but I digress... I was thrilled to find that the Loblaws in Kirkland carries Larabars. They also carry them at Health tree but in individual bars only.