Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do women in Niqabs toss their shoes too?

While I grew up in the 60's and 70's in a liberal Quebec society, I fully respect that others do not want to dress as liberal as I do. I would never remove the right to anyone to dress the way they please, and this applies just as much to women who wear face veils.

However I strongly feel that in a secular society there is no place for allowing one segment of society the right that others do not have based on religion or cultural practices. I cannot enter a bank wearing a full-face reflective motorcycle helmet without making security guards nervous and without being asked to remove the helmet, so why should they be allowed that right?

I mean ultimately the only right women who choose to cover their faces lose with Bill 94, is to get served by public servants where a need for identification is required as well as being allowed to work with the public dressed as such.

We have a relaxed dress code at work, and I can pretty much wear what I want. If I showed up with my face completely covered I'm sure security would ask me to uncover my face to make sure I'm the person I claim to be.

I know for a fact if I went to Saudi Arabia and did not dress appropriately as a female I'd be tossed in jail without much thought by anyone. Why then do some people expect that they can come here and we will change our society just for them. There are very few countries in the world that are as accommodating as Canada, but there is a limit.

Also it makes me wonder. As it goes, I'm pretty happy to be a Canadian, and a Quebecois and so while I love to travel and hope to keep traveling during my yearly vacations, I would never dream of leaving my country for elsewhere forever. If others have left their country it had to be because things were bad. So then why go somewhere else and expect them to behave like they were home, which they left because it was bad??? I just don't get that.

Quebec seems to have learned it's lesson with the Catholic Church controlling the population well into the 1950's, and hopefully we will keep our society secular. This does not mean there is no room for religion. Just the rules of the state should be based on common sense and not outdated cultural practices. Women have been an integral part of Canadian society. We worked hard to be equal members and hope that newcomers will not erode the freedom we worked so hard to achieve.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bell can throttle my rear end.

I'm about this close to telling bell where to take their lan line and shove it. I'm so sick of having my internet connection throttled. If they think because they throttle my line that I will cancel my contract with ACANAC and go back to them I've got news for them. I'll cancel my Bell phone line LONG BEFORE my ISP.

It just sucks that I don't have many if any options for lan line where I live other then Bell that can give me DSL. Voice over IP isn't an option. It's something else Bell throttles. I really hope that the CRTC eventually realizes that Bell's bad practices suck for everyone.

I mean Bell's throttling is so bad that sometimes when I change IP's I can't connect again. I'd get better internet surfing with DIAL-UP. It's stupid seriously. It's just making me more anti-Bell. The phone line is the last thing of Bell's I have and soon it will be gone. I know for sure when I move I'm never going to Bell EVER AGAIN. Canada's allowing Bell to be the only phone carrier for years has made them very cocky. Anyone who's a monopoly can be an ass and this is never good for the common man.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Catholic Church should clean house

I was born into a French Canadian Catholic family and by age 6 I'd chosen to not be a Catholic because I really didn't like how hypocritical Catholic adults could be. I mean the bible tells us to do onto others as we would like others to do onto us. However I saw more of a "Do as I say and not as I do". I also saw too much 'sinning' done on a regular basis, and it was all good so long as you confess to your sins and atone for them. Then start all over again the next week.

Obviously not everyone in the Catholic church is a serial sinning hypocrite, but there were enough who were to turn me off the Catholic religion by age 6. I'm just as turned off now by the statements made by the Vatican in regards to 'gossip' about sexual abuse by priests.

Just because everything was done hush hush and no one talked about it back then does not make it any less bad. Anyone who was sexual abused, raped or molested, whether as a child or an adult, knows that it leaves PERMANENT SCARS and some unfortunately identify with their abuser and perpetuate the circle by abusing others around them. Trying to tell someone who was abused or molested that it never happened keeps the deep seating guilt and shame alive and spoils their lives. Haven't they suffered enough? Can't those who abused at least take responsibility for their actions?

What the Vatican and Catholic church SHOULD be doing is cleaning house. ANY PRIEST who has been accused of molesting children should be retired from being a priest. If this had been done years ago as they were found AND NOT RELOCATED TO other places so they could continue to ruin lives, they wouldn't be trying so hard right now to pretend it never happened. Also trying to sweep what happened under the carpet is asinine. The people who were abused need an apology and not be told "This is vicious gossip". Usually when there is smoke there is fire. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt. Benedict should step down for his cover ups of abuse in the past

And what about the residential schools in Canada for Native Americans, who were taken as children from their family and beaten/molested/abused into becoming little white people clones. Beaten for talking their language or being native? The reason we have so many problems on our reservations have more to do with the CHRISTIAN priests abusing Native people then any other intervention the white men did.

Personally I think Jesus would be horrified with all that has transpired and wouldn't want to be associated at all with the Catholic church. How can a priest who has abused little boys think he can be a SPIRITUAL LEADERS for others? I would think one should show by example ....

As for my current beliefs, it's summed up in one phrase "And it harm none, do what thou wilt". Meaning that the first rule is to not HARM anyone or anything, including pets & other animals, the environment, mother earth and of course ourselves. Jesus would have no problem with my beliefs, even if I'm not a "Christian".