Monday, December 21, 2009

The evils of Sugar and sugar substitutes.

I often get excited when I think I've found a new product in the food section that I can eat. I mean when it comes to pre-prepared foods there isn't much out there that I can eat, because it almost always either has white flour, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch... and the list goes on of bad refined flours/sugars.

I had found this new brand, that is sweetened by splenda. It seemed harmless enough. It was coleslaw dressing. I tried it out the same afternoon putting a decent amount on my large coleslaw. First off, I never could finish, the sweetness made me nauseous. Then there's the fact that like anything else that fucks with my sugars even a little, it made me moody... but that kind of moody that comes out of nowhere, that I'm not aware I'm moody until I blow up over not much.

So I had better learn to recognize splenda in the list of ingredients because apparently having food with SPlenda is a no no.

I found this article on Splenda a great read. It's long but it talks about sugar sensitivity. Which is my problem.

It sucks. I mean the list of things I use to love that I had to give up is endless. I was reminded today, how much I loved danish butter cookies something I haven't had in maybe 15 years or more. Cookies, chocolate cake, Manischewitz wine, especially the blackberry one, among other things.