Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I've not had much to say in the past month. In fact sometimes I struggle to write my daily emails to my husband.

I've been spending some of my spare time drawing, and I'm not sure how much I like the results. I mean I've sketched 2 pictures of Samer and neither one look much like him.

This whole distance between my husband and I drives me NUTS. That and the 8 hour time zone... And I shouldn't complain too much since in the winter it's 9 hours difference. Sigh.

Off to draw some more.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Companions for Roses

My rose bushes for the third year are being eaten alive by sawfly larvae. I haven't found a better method then to hand pick the larvae one by one.

I've been looking for companions for my rose bushes to help with the sawfly. I put marigolds along with the rose bushes, but either they didnt' get watered enough while I was gone, or the rabbits like the marigolds, because most are either dead or have few leaves. I've never seen marigolds being destroyed like that. Also I'm realizing I didn't put enough. Will have to stop at a nursery and see if they still have marigolds. I don't care if they are ugly.

I've also put 2 plants of chives one on each end of my 5 rose bushes. I was just reading now that it can take up to 3 years for the chives to be beneficial to the rose bushes. I also get the feeling that I will need to spread the chives.

I was reading that geraniums, nasturtiums, parsley, rue, marigolds, thyme, garlic, chives, and garlic chives, and alliums are all good companions for roses.

This fall I will add alliums to that flowerbed

I wonder if there are companions for lilies. The other pest I'm fighting with [Other then the squirrels and the rabbits] are the lily beetle. Those red fornicating bugs. Those I have to hand pick too. It's amazing the damage they do to the lilies.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stormy Skies

I dunno if my moods are like the weather these days in Montreal, what weatherperson loves to call unsettled weather. It drives me nuts What the heck is "unsettled weather". Is weather ever settled?

There was severe thunderstorm alerts. They were even afraid of 2cm sized hail and possibly tornadoes. Nothing of the sort happened. Heck in Montreal we just got a little thunder and some rain.

Now I was in a mood today, I could have killed. Very little got me all grumpy. Was it weather related? The storm has passed outsdie, I can see the setting sun.. and suddenly I'm feeling far less grumpy.

Of course my underlying reason to be grumpy is that I miss Samer.. I miss him so much it's like I was missing a limb. But most of the time I pretend everything is good, cause so long as I don't think about it I can get through the day. Get through work, get through the bills, get through the groceries, and the garbage, Alleluiah!

There's so much I want to do and yet all I do is sit and mope and sigh... and look at pictures, remember moments we shared. Just the intimacy... being able to look at each other and know and smile back. Shared laughs, shared moments. It's so hard after spending 3 weeks constantly together to be apart again. But somehow I will get through today like every other day.

Stormy weather.....